Posted by: dsduffy | January 2, 2014


A new year, a new beginning.

In two weeks it will be the 1-year anniversary of when we left Australia and arrived in Denver. Nearly a year of trying to find my place, figuring out what the hell I want to do with my life (now that my kids are in school full-time….who am I?)

It is just the right time. I started a new job (working 25 or so hours from home) and I have stopped torturing myself with “finding my passion” and just going with what is presented to me. Who am I to say that Insurance isn’t what is meant for me?

Working at home is definitely a change for me, but one that I am going to embrace and make the most of.

A new year, a new beginning, a new outlook on life. A chance to “start over.” We can always start over, whether it is January 1st or May 16th, it really doesn’t matter, but this just feels right.

And with that? I am going to end this blog and start anew. It just seems right.

Please come find me at

xo Danielle



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  2. Working from home is very nice. I am doing for six months now. Always motivated and can plan my outings better.

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