Posted by: dsduffy | December 10, 2013

While I was raising two boys…

Apparently technology has advanced since 2004. When I left my last job, I sat in a cubicle with a computer and a telephone, but I also was surrounded by files. We had “inter-office” email, but I never interacted with any customers that way. It was always on the phone, via fax or *gasp* snail mail. It’s funny the things I enjoyed about my job – I loved all the office stationary – making new files for customers, stapling and unstapling, highlighting important things, you get the idea. Now? Paper does exist, but it gets scanned into the cloud. Yep – I know what the cloud is, but it feels like I slept through this whole transformation. I know it all exists, I just find it strange how completely different it is, in only 9 years.

Back to work I go – I’ll be in the cloud.



  1. Very interesting!! Big changes in short amount of time. You can do it, just have to get used to it. Does this mean you will be scanning and linking just like mom? 😃💻☁️

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