Posted by: dsduffy | November 15, 2013

10 months post-cross planet relocation

Ten months. I realized it yesterday and the thoughts that came to my mind were all over the place. I feel farther away from Australia than ever, distance and time-wise. And am I settled? I don’t know. I guess more than at the 6 month mark, but still Denver just feels like…Denver. What does that mean? I don’t know – you tell me. It doesn’t feel like “home” or “where I belong” but it is fine for now. Nothing against the lovely people I have met, or the house that we live in, it is all great, but I don’t know if it feels like my forever place.

(I know, get over it already!)



  1. Hi There,
    I occassionally visit your blog since we lived in AU at the same time. I just left before you. ( I was the author of E and E downunder).
    I read this post and was struck by it. We left Melbourne and returned to the home we left in the US and we feel this very same way. It’s likely not that you are in Denver that you feel this way. We are “home” and it is different too. Melbourne changed us, living overseas changed us, the years have changed us. Home isn’t home anymore. We’ve been back three years and we are finding our way still.
    No one wants to hear about our adventure overseas. That’s ok. I get it. Sort of. I do, however, believe this sort of stunned feeling is experienced by most expats upon their return.
    It is the second time in my life I’ve moved overseas and back. Both were equally unsettling.
    From a total stranger to you: I get it!

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  3. […] From America to Australia, and back again! […]

  4. People who moved a lot have a lot of homes. There is nothing wrong with it. Actually it is fantastic! I have 3 homes and I am perfectly happy with it. Greetings!

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