Posted by: dsduffy | November 7, 2013

Autumn afternoon

The flickering sun on the wood floors catches my attention. I can head the wind rustling leaves outside, I don’t even know why we raked on the weekend. While walking the dog earlier today it was literally raining leaves, the streets, sidewalks and yards covered in a colorful mess. It’s a nice time of year in Denver, a chill to the air but still the sky is blue and the sun stays around. I know that the snow isn’t far away, but I keep reminding myself that it won’t be that bad, it melts so quick here – unlike the East Coast where it hangs around for days and days.

A nice cup of tea warms me and I want to make a pumpkin pie but think I’ll wait until Thanksgiving.





  1. Love your blog! We lived in Sydney for two years and have been back in Nashville for a little over two years. We still miss it. I’m not sure you ever get over it completely, but time is a great healer. Thanks for reminding me of a bunch if the things — both large and small — that made life in Oz get into our blood. Cheers.

    • Thanks for your comment Brad! You are exactly right, time does help! But man, what I would give for a flat white….

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