Posted by: dsduffy | July 22, 2013

Oh this puppy

He already has my heart. One week in and I am in love. Head over heels in love. Those puppy dog eyes (!) 

The way his ears perk up and are so floppy, I just want to eat him up (not literally.) 

I never got to know a dog like I have with this guy. 

I want to make sure he is happy, does he know that I love him? 

That I think he is awesome? Does he know that he is safe here with us?

All that we know about his past (8 or so months) is that he was in a shelter in Texas and then in a foster home here in Denver for a week or two. 

Besides that, we have no idea what his life was like, what he had to endure. Someone loved him enough to potty train him. But he seems to have no clue about the world. He seems completely shocked when he sees a bird, squirrel or his reflection in the side of a parked car. He will chase a leaf like it’s a toy, perk up at the sound of a passing car. Walking on a leash is also something foreign to him. He has learned a lot in the past week and is now walking much better, and also knows “sit.” 

He is safe here with us. He is loved. He is part of a family, our family. 



  1. Love can stretch in all directions. Ozzie is as lucky to have your family as you are to have him as a special addition. You will learn a lot from each other.

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