Posted by: dsduffy | July 12, 2013

Six months

If there is such a thing as time travel, I think I just experienced it. The past six months have literally flown by. I had to count on my fingers three times to make sure it was right – January, February, March, April, May, June, July.Yup – six months. Six months without flat whites. Six months without driving on the left, going through roundabouts, riding the tram. Six months without our view of the sea, the palm trees greeting us every morning. 

Half a year back in America, where I still feel strange. I keep waiting for the “break-in” period to vanish, to feel like I belong. 

The hardest part of the past six months? Missing my friends. People who were family, in my everyday life, people who smiled when they saw me. 

Six months….I miss you Australia. 



  1. I have even more roundabouts than before, but everything else applies to me too! Miss you so very much and Melbs!! Gave me little goose bumps reading this

  2. it puts you in a different category, doesn’t it, having lived abroad. i am glad you still share little bits of your journey here. x

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