Posted by: dsduffy | May 8, 2013

My mind travels to Melbourne

Sitting at the front reception desk, in between answering phones, visions of South Melbourne Market pop into my mind. I’m walking down the deli/meat aisle and see so many friendly familiar faces. That lady who runs the chocolate shop, my “chicken guy” and the pizza guys who are so nice to my boys.

I shake my head and get back to work. What made me think of that place?

In the shower while rinsing out the shampoo, I see the familiar sights of the CBD. One second I see Bourke Street, lined with tourists and shoppers, the next I am along the river in Southbank, people watching with a coffee in hand.

Australia is part of me. My wardrobe reminds me daily. Jake goes to kick a soccer ball like its Aussie rules and I chuckle to myself. A boy on Cameron’s soccer team wears an Australian soccer top, little reminders are everywhere.

Mementos all over the house make me miss it so much, and my mind is obviously a little homesick too.



  1. Me as well Danielle! We have been back in the Chicago area for over 2 years and I still miss Melbourne desperately. Well, maybe not desperately, but A LOT :-).

  2. Hi DS,

    I asked for your advice some time back about starting a blog. You told me to just dive in – which I have done. See below.

    I know it is pretty primitive, but hopefully it will improve as I go along. I hope to play with Americans at each course and then have a short interview with them at the end. I might do this via video or by text.
    Anyway I thought I would let you know you inspired me to have a go.
    This is my third visit to the states so I am reasonably adjusted, but it is still the little things. For some reason Americans can’t understand me when I say “safe” or “beer”. Anyway It is getting close and I’m getting excited.

    Brian D

  3. Melbourne is one of the best city that i travelled before .rare i come in my mind.

  4. I love Melbourne too! It’s very special to me – thanks for the blog! 🙂

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