Posted by: dsduffy | May 6, 2013

Where do all the blankies go?

I was tidying up Cameron’s room today and noticed that his beloved blankies were folded neatly at the end of his bed. I fold them and put them there all the time, but it dawned on me that they hadn’t been touched by him in a few days.

Yes, he is 8 years old and shouldn’t really be attached to his blankie, but I still figured he  slept with it on top of his comforter. Anyway, it got me thinking, what happens to it when he is really not into it anymore? What will we do with it?

This thought led to: what happens to all children’s lovies? Do their parents throw them away? Do mother’s have a moment over the trash can, clutching the beloved teddy or blanket to their chests, then bringing it up to their noses for one last sniff? I can’t imagine that day. I hope he is ok with keeping it folded at the end of his bed for years to come.



  1. I cannot throw the blankies away yet either. So… have no answer for you; though if I had the time and/or inclination I would sew a quilt with them. Along with all the patches from bar and bat mitzvah t-shirts, camp tshirts and USY shirts I thought I would sew into a quilt but never did. 😦

  2. I STILL have them (as you might know). Couldn’t throw them out, but I love Jen’s idea to re-purpose them.

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