Posted by: dsduffy | March 19, 2013

Little reminders

We received our shipment from Australia. All 136 items (boxes, furniture, bikes, surprisingly there was no kitchen sink) arrived safe and sound from the other side of the planet. It was bittersweet seeing the same shipping container that I said good-bye to just a little over 3 months ago on a hot summer day in Middle Park. I remember that moment so clearly: seeing our belongings packed up on a truck knowing they were going on a cargo ship. And I know it is just STUFF. I am aware of that. My husband, sons and kitties are what matter much more, but it was a poignant moment to see it all going and then POOF! it arrived here at my new house in my new town.

As we unpack boxes and put things away, I have found a few “gifts.”  A $5 note in the front pocket of my jeans. Sand from Middle Park Beach in a bag of laundry from our last days in Australia. Farewell cards with words that still make me tear up from dear friends that are no longer in my daily life. I keep getting email reminders from AFL for the upcoming footy season. I hesitate before clicking on the “unsubscribe” button; I don’t want to close all the doors on our Aussie life. I can keep them open, can’t I?

As we set up things in our house, I keep finding items that I want to display: boomerangs, the Eureka Tower snow globe and many Aussie books. I want to honor our time there, honor the country that I fell in love with and will always have in my heart. And the icing on the cake? I took the boys into a store we had never been in and found Vegemite and Ginger Beer, I’m pretty certain Australia will always be with us.



  1. I live in Denver but my family is considering moving to Geelong for a year. I have 7 month old twins and an almost 4 year Old. I would love to hear if you know much about Geelong and if you would recommend such a journey.

  2. hi there! My husband and I are planning a move to Queensland this Fall. I saw that you have cats, did they do the traveling to Aus, and back to US? if so, could you provide any info. you might think would be helpful to us, as we are planning to have our dog come over as well. We have done a lot of research, but hearing from someone first hand would be so great. Thank you so much for any info. you can provide. I truly enjoy reading your blog, it has been so great to be able and read what could be ahead for us.

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