Posted by: dsduffy | March 8, 2013

Patience pays off

Two months ago, we left our comfy lives in Melbourne and landed here in Denver. I left my friends, my daily routine, the comfortable place I lived and came to the complete unknown. I have walked onto the school grounds knowing not one face. I knew that when I heard someone saying “hello” they were definitely not talking to me. But now – nearly two months of solitude – I have actually had adult conversations and what you could consider the beginnings of possible friendships!

Now, most of you people don’t have to deal with this – making friends. You already have your friends. Coworkers, neighbors, friends, confidantes. You can look in your phone and have a choice of people to call if you need to chat. I, on the other hand, have to start all over again. Do the dance. “Where did you grow up? How long have you been here in Denver?” Etc, etc. It is exhausting, just trust me on this one. But it is necessary. At least for me.

One of Cameron’s classmates lives 1 block over from us and the mom and  I have been emailing. She invited us over today after school and it involved wine (hello!) So we stayed for a while and all got along famously. Unfortunately Cameron came home not feeling well, but I think this is the start of something beautiful. At least, I hope so.

I swear I am so tired of putting myself “out there” and making the effort, I hope this is the last time, at least for a while.



  1. Yay! She will be lucky if you decide to have her as a friend;) We all miss you, so happy you are making friends, it must be tough. Had prep D coffee on Thursday morning at N – was fun, Donna, Kerry, Julie, Andrea, Louise, Carla and Jane (Harry’s mum) all wanted to know how you were going – miss you much x

  2. I can so relate. I went to Australia to America and Back again!! Yes starting all over again three times over starts to dwindle your esteem. But some how some where you find the strength and pizzaz to do it all again. I came back to my home land with a 6 month old and 2 year old in hand. I did visit Colorado while in USA visiting from Missouri.

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