Posted by: dsduffy | February 27, 2013

An abandoned life

Opening what feels like the millionth box yesterday, I came across an old diaper bag. With diapers in it (unused!) I dug deeper into the box and found sippy cups, baby feeding spoons, napkins from Jake’s 1st birthday, a Dora the Explorer placemat and baby bottles. As I sat on the kitchen floor, with all these items, I wondered why I left it all behind. Why didn’t I need those spoons in Australia? Why did I decide to leave the bottles behind? It felt like I was going through someone’s life, or like we literally threw some clothes in a suitcase and fled in the middle of the night.

I guess it was a bit like that. I was a mom to two small boys, I clearly remember circling the house in Massachusetts with the movers, Jake on my hip, pointing to things declaring, “that’s for the boat, that’s trash, and that can go to storage.” I had to make snap decisions and I guess some things just didn’t make the cut.

I have so many baby things that are of no use to me anymore. It is sad. I have looked into donating them and will do so once we are all unpacked.

I just think it is hard (as a mother) to revisit these items and know that stage is over.



  1. I can send Luca over for a visit and you can change his nappies!!
    As a mum I think they never grow up slow enough and I constantly think how I should have spent more time doing things with them back then and even now!

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