Posted by: dsduffy | February 23, 2013


Sleep eludes me. I’ve given in and now take Zzzquil to help, I’m no fool. But after I’ve swallowed a mouthful of water along with only 1/2 the recommended dose, I visit places in my mind. Last night I took a walk down Mills Street. I walked passed the boys’ primary school, saw some kids playing basketball and heard the magpies as they swooped overhead.

The tram rumbled along, stopping and letting some of my old neighbours off. There was The old man who I saw often as he shuffled to the tram stop but I only spoke to him one time on tram. He heard our American accents and told us about the time he lived in Seattle in the 70’s.

I imagined it was around 4 in the afternoon so as I walked passed the pizza restaurant, I saw the friendly owners and sat down to have a chat. We would talk about the weather, and they asked how the boys were. I left and said I’d see them on Friday night, as usual.

The sights, sounds and even smells were so vivid, every detail came to my mind.

As much as I hate not being able to sleep, I love the quiet time to revisit a place I love so much.



  1. I caught a tram to the Palais Theatre last Saturday night along Mills St…I thought of you and visiting your house…your coffee shop on the beach….a revist…without NyQuil…without you. x

    • Jan, thanks so much for this, I am getting a little “homesick” xo

  2. We had pizza Friday and missed you!

    • We have yet to find a pizza restaurant that even comes close to Ragazzi…miss you Liz!

  3. Had a BBQ last night and thought of you guys! xx

    • Missing you, E!

  4. “neighbours” <–?? lol, you're such an aussie gal nowadays

    • Haha, I have my computer set to “British English” so it just corrects itself, I like it that way 😉

      • I like it as well – way it should be x

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