Posted by: dsduffy | January 27, 2013

A skiing we will go

I married a snowboarder/skier so naturally it has become something that I enjoy too. Well, I don’t enjoy as much as he does, but I still like it. I have embraced the cold (gotta have the right gear!) the fear (lessons helped) but I wasn’t always a fan of the drive. From NJ or MA, we would most often ski in Vermont. It ended up being a four-hour drive which is NO FUN. I am not a fan of road trips, and it only got worse with the addition of the kiddos.

Fast forward to now. Denver is happily only an hour and a half away from the most amazing skiing. Oh yes, only an hour and a half! (Give or take with traffic, but it’s not anywhere close to FOUR hours!)

So, yea. We have officially lived in Colorado for two weeks and have already spent two weekends at the mountains.

The mountains – they are majestic. Go ahead. Look up the word “majestic” in the dictionary and the Rockies will be staring back at you. They are awe-inspiring. Amazing. Incredible. Beautiful. Oh, and did I mention only an hour and a half away?





  1. Just beautiful! So glad you’re enjoying ….. and only 1.5 hours away! Happy skiing/boarding. Hugs to all ….

  2. Wow, i had no idea you were living so close to the beautiful “majestic” mountains. That’s awesome! Enjoy your time there as much as possible before you find yourself moving again – but possibly somewhere really boring.

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