Posted by: dsduffy | January 25, 2013


I knew it would be strange. I had gone over scenarios in my mind before we even got here. Driving on the right side of the road, the food, etc. Here are some things that have I’ve noticed  upon re-entry to my country.

– Americans sound so American. For some reason, it sounds like everyone is accentuating the “r” sound more than I remembered.

– Americans are loud. I knew that I was loud while living in AU, but I think I am the quietest person around these days. Walking the aisles of Target (a Super Target!) I could hear a woman on her cell phone gabbing away, like she was at home. Hello – you’re in public!

– There are so many people here. Which means there are so many cars. And restaurants, and fast food places, and Starbucks. So many, many Starbucks. There is just MORE of everything.

– Pennies are annoying.

– Prescription medicine commercials. Also annoying.

– I missed ice in my water at restaurants.

– Posted Speed Limit signs are irrelevant. Nobody adheres to any type of speed limits.

– American flags are everywhere. My kids gave up counting them, but still point them out.

– I find myself wanting to watch the AU Open to  hear the accents and see the familiar sights around Melbourne. I just saw a flyover shot right where my house was.


We are settling in well. The boys started back at school yesterday and had big smiles on their faces at pickup. That was one of the biggest concerns for me. Cameron, who is in grade 2, talked nonstop about what he learned in Science class, one of his favorite subjects. He also came home saying “math” instead of “maths.” That was quick.

We have two more weeks in our temporary apartment and then will move into our house. Our stuff that has been in storage since 2008 will be delivered then and we still have to wait until end of Feb/beginning of March for our boat shipment from AU to arrive. It’s all coming together.




  1. “American flags are everywhere.” <— hahahaha!

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