Posted by: dsduffy | January 25, 2013

It’s a 2-post kinda day

Shaking my head when reaching for the car door, I realize I am on the wrong side – again. I stutter when ordering my morning coffee at Starbucks, then ask for a double shot, maybe that will help. I fumble in my wallet, searching for a familiar coin, which one is the quarter? Those damn pennies. I hate the pennies. I scoured the shelves for a familiar label on a bottle of chardy, bypassing Yellow Tail (never once did I see that in Australia!) and finally choosing on a New Zealand variety.

Looking for the toilet flusher on the top of the toilet, realizing it’s not there. I am constantly shaking my head and laughing at myself. It’s like an inside joke that only I know about: I have been out of the country for 4 and a half years, all this stuff is strange to me. I feel like I should wear a sign so people know, and then they can ask me all about it. Don’t they want to know? Aren’t they interested?

After picking up Jake from school, we had a chat in the car. I asked him if anyone asked him about Australia. He said no. Then he said they won’t ask him again. It seemed to me like he just wants to move on. Where I – I want to revel in it, talk about it over and over, shout from the rooftops: “I lived in the coolest place ever, don’t you care at all?”

I know the answer. Yes of course people care. They are interested. But there is no way they can understand the magnitude of it.

My Australia time is something I will always, always always cherish. I love that place, I love the people I met, people who I consider family.

Australia will always be a part of me, no matter where I am.



  1. I know what you mean. Americans are really closed-minded when it comes to appreciating stuff outside the U.S. But as your kids’ friends get older, they’ll start to bombard your kids with questions about Oz. The U.S. is so frickin’ multicultural and diverse, but it’s actually kind of rare to get the American perspective from actually living abroad. And try to get some good coffee while you’re there – none of that crap Folgers or Maxwell House stuff.

  2. I remember when you gave me a short ride to the beach near you house in Melbourne and I walked to the wrong side of the car……..*snicker snicker*. And even though I had been in Australia for a few weeks by that time, we didn’t have a car so never got used to the “other side”. Now you are doing the same in reverse and you can laugh at yourself. Pennies are annoying I agree. And in New Zealand they didn’t have nickles either. Every time I dig a penny out now I think about Australia. When I returned people were not all that interested in hearing about where I had been. A few asked politely but I could tell they were not that interested. I love hearing about other parts of the world so I was a little surprised by this. After my time there it really struck me how much our experiences away from home impact our lives. I wish traveling wasn’t so expensive so more people (myself included) could see the world. It would give them such a different perspective.

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