Posted by: dsduffy | January 14, 2013

Greetings from Denver

We made it! My kids did awesome on the flights and I got to watch 5 movies (thanks to the loud boy behind me, no sleep!) All our luggage arrived and there were no major issues. Well, unless you count the fact that I forgot to order kids meals on the Qantas flight, nothing terrible went wrong. Observation #1 (after the obvious COLD) is that man, are some people in America rude! Maybe it is just LAX with the hustle and bustle of travelling and people running late for the gate, but I sensed  big overtones of “get out of my way.”  It was loud. The people are loud. There are so many more people, I was very overwhelmed.

After reaching our final destination of Denver I still felt unsettled. Looking out the taxi window at completely new scenery, feeling colder than I had in quite a long time, felt strange. I searched the landscape for something familiar and found nothing. The skyline looked pretty, but there was no buildings that I could point to and say, “look there’s the blank building!” I had just come from green trees, sun and warmth; and here I was with cloudy skies, bare trees and the ability to see my breath.

Thankfully our temporary apartment is nice. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms with a gorgeous kitchen. Comfortable and big enough for the next month. Then I went out to the grocery store. It was dark out and if I didn’t have a clock to look at, I would have guessed it was 9pm. It was only 6:30. I went to the car and of course, went to the wrong side to get in. Driving at night on the right side of the road was strange…it’s a good thing I was only going down the street. I got teary eyed in the cereal aisle – Honey Nut Cheerios! So many products I had completely forgotten about and had never even seen. I could have spent another hour in there snooping around, reading ingredient lists, reminiscing.

It is nice to be back in America, closer to family, but at the same time I feel completely lost* and most of all? Cold.

*I know it will take some time to get settled. Of course I know this. But it is so weird to feel lost in my own country.



  1. Welcome home to the USA. Anyplace you seem to live becomes your home which is very good. I know the large TARGET nearby you must put a big smile on your face. Take the time to adjust to all the changes you once knew as normal. You will settle in and so will Cameron & Jake before too long. It’s all good my darling daughter. Love, Mommy.

  2. Welcome to Denver! I had a feeling you would have some degree of shell shock. Just remember that Denver is sunny 300 days a year………more than San Diego. You just happen to arrive during the coldest and most dreary time. And I mean that literally. So far for us this is true. From my experience so far people are a lot more friendly here than in LA. Good luck getting familiar with your new surroundings.

  3. Don’t worry, Danielle, I’ll be holding the fort down here while you’re away. 🙂

  4. Welcome back to the USA! So glad you guys made it safely. Been thinking about you a lot. It will take a bit but you guys will be settled in in no time. It feels like just yesterday when i was reading the same kind of post about you & Melbourne. I’ll give you a ring this week! Can’t wait to catch up! xoxo

  5. We are excited to have you back in the U.S.! I’m sure you’ll feel more and more comfortable in Denver with each passing day as you learn your way around. Heck, I feel “unsettled” from just not being able to live in my own home at the moment. I think the familiarity of things that you grew up with & all that the area has to offer will quickly overshadow the newness of it all. Personally, I am so happy to know that you’re only two hours time-wise behind us & that I can now easily (& reasonably) send packages to the boys without having to plan a month ahead, is a plus for me!!! Explore & enjoy ….. I know you’re going to love it! Mountains of love to you all!

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