Posted by: dsduffy | December 16, 2012

Always a twist before the ending….

I was all set for our move to Boston, or at least in my mind. We chose a car, zeroed in on two towns and I was happy with the selection of schools for the boys. I had phone conversations with friends, making plans to get together straight away and looking forward to being in each other’s everyday lives again.

Fast forward to 5 weeks before our Big Move and enter The Twist. We aren’t going to Boston after all. We are moving to Denver Colorado! It is all such a whirlwind, but a decision that I am really happy with. It is a new place, in the same country as my family and supposedly a beautiful place. Yes, I am moving somewhere I have never been before! Crazy? Some may say yes. But me – I say it is taking a leap of faith. Faith that it will all work out. Faith that we will make the best of it no matter what.

We already leased a car in Boston, so that will have to be shipped out to Denver. We found a house that we love so hopefully that will work out too. I feel so relaxed about it all, I think it is because what other way can I be? I can be crazy and stressed and AHHHH but what good  what that do? None at all.

This makes for a perfect twist in my book…….



  1. We lived in Denver for seven years before moving to Melbourne if you have any questions!

  2. Hi Danielle……You met my daughter Sloane and I at a cafe in Melbourne after we moved there from the states about 3 years ago. I found you by reading your blog before we moved there. We only stayed in Melbourne 6 months and New Zealand for 3 months. Then we moved back to Las Vegas to regroup until we decided to move to the Denver area last spring. It’s so funny that you are ending up in the same place after we both lived in Melbourne. I have only been here a short time but we really like it so far. If you have any questions I can try to answer but we are just figuring this out for ourselves. I love the bike trails here and the weather. I can see the mountains when I drive up my street and there is so much fun areas to explore here. Good luck with your move.

  3. Hey girlfriend! Just have a look at the other comments and you will know why this twist happened. You will be fine and you will be surrounded with wonderful new friends over there. Love ya 🙂

  4. whoa!! so not beantown after all and instead you’re going to the mile-high land! wow, what a startling difference — but just make sure you actually have ACTUAL winter clothes now!

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