Posted by: dsduffy | December 3, 2012

More thoughts, as I start saying good-bye

Saying good-bye is hard to do. It is even harder when you know that you probably-most likely won’t see the people or places again, anytime soon or at all. The likelihood that we will return to Melbourne for a holiday is low. Of course we would love to come back for a visit (or even to live, one day) but for now, our good-byes are feeling pretty final.

I even got teary saying good-bye to Jake’s eye doctor today. He has been part of our lives for nearly three years and has performed surgery on his precious eyes. He is familiar with America, having studied there and travelled there many times for conferences, so we always chatted about all-things-American. He thankfully was able to refer us to a colleague of his in Boston, but it was sad to say good-bye. At least, for me.

I find myself going to all my favourite cafes and shops more often, telling myself “I won’t be able to have this much longer.” I’m letting the boys get their favourite cheese and tomato rolls after school because well, they won’t have them where we are going.

We have five and a half weeks left here in Melbourne, and I hope that I can contain my tears and just enjoy all the things I love, for one last time.




  1. So sad, I know. Tell me about the tomato & cheese rolls so I can make them for the boys!

  2. Nobody can understand what you are going through unless they have been down that road themselves. And anything you try to make, just won’t be the same as it tastes in AU, just enjoy the time you have, live each day to it’s fullest, just like you always do!!

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