Posted by: dsduffy | November 26, 2012

The first of many goodbyes

It has started already. This week one of the families we are close with is leaving for London for 2 months. So by the time they return to Melbourne, we will be back in the States. I knew it was coming, but when I told Cameron this morning that he wouldn’t be seeing Z after Wednesday, he was shocked. “What do you mean he is leaving? Why won’t we see him when he returns from London?” It was hard to answer these questions, yes there are the facts, but still the idea that we won’t be back anytime soon is hard for my boys to grasp.

I held back tears too many times to count today. At the playground seeing them playing together, climbing trees, chasing each other around, being silly.

This is only the first of so many goodbyes. This is going to be hard.



  1. Yes, I’m sure it will be sad and hard to say goodbye to so many good friends, but think of all the hugs & kisses awaiting you on the other side. Love you!

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