Posted by: dsduffy | November 19, 2012

Yet another reminder

I can plan as much as I want. Things change. I can’t foresee things, I don’t know what will change along the way. It is impossible to plan for everything.

I have an idea, a framework, a general guide to follow, but I have to be flexible. Expect curveballs. Expect the train to fall off the rails. Expect the unexpected.

Maybe along the way I will find that those setbacks and unforeseen changes were the greatest part of the journey. When I get lost I often see and do things I hadn’t planned; and that may be where the best things are.

I have a general idea of how the next 2 months will go. I don’t have it planned to a T. I don’t have an excel spreadsheet, a diagram or a timeline written by the hour. I’m going to go with the flow, enjoy my time along the way, ride the wave to our next destination.

I’ll pack our suitcases with summer and winter clothes. I’ll take photos along the way. My kids will end up back in school at some point in time. I’ll remind myself that I can’t plan for every little detail. And that is completely OK.



  1. I cannot agree with you more….I have personally experienced this many times over the years…don’t plan in detail…best things come unexpected…even the big changes…I came to Melb just few weeks ago from San Diego. Your blog turned up in my google search for Americans in Melbourne Australia.

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