Posted by: dsduffy | November 16, 2012

What they say to you

I will miss you. Why are you leaving. Why can’t you stay. Won’t you miss Melbourne? Isn’t the coffee crap in America? Did you buy a house? Won’t it be great to see your family? We will miss you so much. You are always so happy. What do the kids think? Are you bringing your cats? Why don’t you just re-home them? You’ll come visit, won’t you? Boston is nice. But still, we will miss you.

They say all these things, I think them too. I lie awake at 3:42 am thinking these things, I wonder how will I cope without my soy flat white? I know is sounds ridiculous, but I think this. It bothers me that Starbucks only has Vanilla flavoured soy milk (YUCK!) what will I do? And more importantly, what do my boys think? What will they think when they go to the first day of school, how will I be able to leave them there, not knowing a single person? That will be difficult.

But we will push through. We will just do it. I will have to make my own soy coffee at home, my kids will make friends, life will go on and this life as an expat will just be something I talk about with people, when they let me. And I will say to them, yes I miss it. I miss Melbourne.



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