Posted by: dsduffy | October 23, 2012

Not just any Girl’s weekend

It started at the Sandbar, the cafe across the street from my house, on the bay. Breakfast outside beside the sea. My friend and I relaxed, we were excited for the long weekend ahead. Three out of the six of us were driving to a beach house on Thursday to relax, hang out, and just be. It was the perfect start – calm water, sun shining above and lots of laughs.

The drive to Rye found three friends listening to relaxing music, excited for some time away, feeling ourselves leave the stress behind. We arrived at the Cottage, unpacked and enjoyed the evening. A delicious salmon dinner with more good music and wine was just what we needed to unwind.

Friday started with a yummy breakfast followed by a fun day of shopping in Sorrento. We were able to mosey into shops, look around, and not worry about kids in tow. Friday night saw the rest of the group arrive so the party could begin.

So many laughs were had and many stories told. Over yummy food, glasses of wine, mugs of tea, cheese and crackers, Curry lunch, pancakes, rice paper rolls, baklava. It was such an easy group to be around. I laughed so hard, it felt so good. I felt so loved, so happy, so relaxed.

It wasn’t just any weekend away. It was a time for reflection, feelings of contentment and hopeful for the future. So many changes are on my horizon and it was nice to spend time in the here and now with friends who I will miss dearly.

So thank you, my lovelies. Thank you for all of these things and more.



  1. Sounds wonderful …. so glad you had a fun, fabulous getaway!

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