Posted by: dsduffy | October 16, 2012

Out of all the people in the world

Being the mother of two boys, I get to watch first hand how siblings interact. Cameron was the first friend Jake ever had. Cameron was Jake’s first role model. They make up their own games, laugh at things that only they think are funny, share colds, help each other out, and of course argue. They will spend 18 years together (well, 16 for Jake) and hopefully the bond that forms will be lifelong. I don’t remember exactly how it started, but when the boys were younger I would tell them that “brothers always stick together.” And they know this, but I’m not sure they really know what it means. Cameron will stick up for his little brother on the oval at school, look out for him at pickup, and cheer him on whenever needed. Jake will enter a room and the first thing out of his mouth if he doesn’t see his brother is, “Where’s Cam?” Of course they fight over a specific seat at the diner table, toys and which tv show to watch, but that is all part of life. I know they love each other and hope that they will always stick together.

I am lucky enough to have an older sister who is truly my best friend. She is the first person I want to share any news with; good or bad. I hear her when I speak, I swear as I get older I sound so much like her and say exact sentences that I know she often says. I am lucky enough to have a sister, a confidante, someone who is always in my corner and will never, no matter what, turn her back on me. And yes we disagree at times, not over toys or where to sit, but just silly stuff that is part of any relationship. Regardless, we always know we can count on each other, for anything.

Out of all the people in the world, I wouldn’t choose anyone other than her to be my sister and best friend.

Happy birthday Steshie.



  1. I Love You and feel the same way! Beautifully written, thank you for being you! xoxo šŸ™‚

  2. good post

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