Posted by: dsduffy | October 16, 2012

A different goodbye

A different goodbye.

When I said goodbye to America back in September of 2008, I was a stay at home mother with two small boys. I lived in a place that was new-ish to me. I hadn’t really established myself there. Yes I made friends, friends that I cannot wait to be reunited with, but it was different. I was different. I was in the thick trenches of motherhood with a baby and a toddler. Life revolved around diaper changes, nap-times and feedings. My social life was an afternoon at Gymboree, a quick coffee at Panera, or an end of season sale at Old Navy. Four years later, I am a different woman. My eyes have been opened wider than I ever could have imagined. I see the world differently, my priorities have changed. My boys have grown up in the land down under and it’s going to be so hard to say good-bye.



  1. WOW! I have changed too through your experience. I never thought I would feel so sad for you to be leaving a place that you love so far away. You are all coming home with priceless experiences and memories to last forever. I hope you keep writing, I would surely miss this space if you didn’t.

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