Posted by: dsduffy | October 7, 2012

All out in the open

I can’t explain how GOOD it feels to finally be out with our news of moving back to the States. For MONTHS we have been back and forth, staying, going, when, where that my head was spinning! And the questions from people did not help at all. Especially since I was lying whenever they asked me if I was staying, going, when where. Well, not really lying, the answer “I don’t know” was true, but I wasn’t letting on that we were most likely leaving, or staying, or when and where. But now that we know we are moving in January to the Boston area, it is such a relief to finally have an answer – for others and ourselves.

The reactions I have been getting from people are exactly how I feel. On this end it’s, “Aw…you’re leaving? No! Oh we will miss you!” and on the other side it is “Yay! You are coming back! That is so exciting!” I feel all of those things all at the same time.

But at least it is all out in the open.



  1. I , too, was glad to see your post on Facebook yesterday that you are coming home! And what a response!! You are so fortunate to have so many friends that truly care about you both here in the U.S. and in Australia. Selfishly, I can’t wait until mid-January when you’re home!! Love to you all!

  2. You better not become a Red Sox fan! 😡

  3. Leaving the expat life is so bittersweet. Enjoy your last few months in magical Australia and best of luck with the transition back to the US.

  4. So glad it’s out in the open! Can’t wait to see you guys. xoxo

  5. good post

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