Posted by: dsduffy | October 6, 2012

We will always have Melbourne

Somehow the cosmos did this crazy thing and it seems that a few of my expat friends are also moving on. It’s funny how the world works, isn’t it?  Two other friends that arrived here at nearly the same time as we did, are also leaving around the same time. All of us to different locations, strange I tell you. And I know we will see each other again, and not just via FaceTime or Skype, I just know it in my bones.

It’s an exciting, sad, stressful time. A time for decisions, organising and planning.  It is a comfort knowing that others are going through this same experience.  Even though we will end up in different places, we’ll always have Melbourne.



  1. Hi D,
    I left two years ago and I feel much the same way – we’ll always have Melbourne. I spent three years there and loved it. Yes, I have kept the friendships and you will as well.
    Be prepared that the transition home is not easy. (But it is nice to be back by family. )

  2. good post

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