Posted by: dsduffy | October 6, 2012

Thoughts on: Living in the future

A lot of people live in different time zones than their family and friends. It is very common for a mom to look at the clock on her kitchen microwave and count on her fingers to see if it is an OK time to call her son who lives across the country. Or for a friend to google “What time is it in Timbuktu” before picking up the phone for advice about her three-year old.

In the beginning, I had to stop myself mid-dial because I didn’t want to wake my sister up to chat about how my son would only eat crackers for dinner – it wasn’t an emergency situation. And thankfully, I haven’t had to wake anyone up in the Northern Hemisphere with “the call” because everything could always wait until they woke up. Of course I wanted to call my sister from the mall when I found a cute pair of shoes or ring Grammy to ask about a recipe she gave me. So many times I was filled with jealousy when I saw a woman chatting away on her mobile phone with what I assumed was her best friend or sister, laughing in the same timezone.

When it is a good time to call (both parties are in the awake hours) it is always the craziest time of the day on both ends. The morning in Melbourne is dinner time in NJ. While I have the lunch conveyor belt and breakfast in the toaster in my kitchen, my family is making dinner and winding down their days. My “good morning” greeting on the phone is often answered with a giggle. Once my mom and I were both in bed at the same time, well not really; I was going to sleep and she was just waking up.

One good thing about living the future? We are always the first to wish Happy Birthday since it happens a day earlier.



  1. Even after four years, I still have to google the “time in Melbourne” just to make sure I’ve got it right! Of course, as soon as I type in “time”, up pops the time in Melbourne since I’ve googled it so many times. I just can’t wait to have you back in the same time zone!!! It’s going to be a fantastic New Year!

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