Posted by: dsduffy | August 30, 2012

View from the other side of the world

The fullest moon peaks through the clouds. The palm fronds dance in the wind. The waves of Port Phillip bay are visible, but not with the fury I’ve seen before. The rain falls from time to time, forming puddles that get splashed through over and over again. Cars with their headlights stream across the wall, I no longer notice that they are driving on the left side of the road.

An American television show is on, with Australian commercials peppered throughout. The accents blend together like a child’s painting, I can no longer tell what is what.

My nearly 8 year old son sits beside me, petting our 17 year old cat who’s tired from a day of sleeping. The clothes dryer tumbles, and I wonder if the moon looks the same on the other side of the world. So many questions swirl in my mind.

Will I be the same if I go up there, will I be able to still be me. The me that I found down here, will she change. I don’t want these four years to just become a conversation, a few questions, a few sentences that describe the completely indescribable. How can I even describe this?

So many more questions, but that is enough for tonight, I have to go fold the laundry.


  1. My friend you don’t know how much you speak from my heart. Made me teary reading this

  2. I can imagine how crazy the ads sound with the crush of accents… mmm.

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