Posted by: dsduffy | August 28, 2012

What lifts me up

Friends. Friends that are old, that I met when I was a girl, when I was just Danielle and I never turned around when I heard a kid say “mom.”  Friends that knew me before I became an expat, when I didn’t even know that was a word. Before I knew what AFL was, before I ordered a soy flat white with one sugar. Before my kids could sing the Australian National Anthem.

And friends that I would never have met if I never came to Australia. A friend that I consider a sister, who loves my kids like family, who has been on this expat ride with me, who only knows me in Australia. A friend that had babies who are now 4, whose son was Jake’s first friend in Australia, who took him for his first sleepover. The same friends that took both my boys overnight so Craig and I could celebrate our wedding anniversary. And friends that make me laugh, that give their honest opinions, that tell me we will see each other again, of course we will. The world isn’t that big. We have so much time.

Friends that I haven’t even met yet, at the next destination, friends that will want to hear about our four years in Melbourne. What was it like, and are there kangaroos everywhere?

Friends who are forever friends, no matter where in the world they are, because that is how it is, you move on but you always bring your friends along.



  1. Awesome. Couldn’t agree more!

  2. Crying …. …knowing how hard it will be for you to leave the amazing friends you’ve made over the last four years, if and when the time comes. How grateful I am, too, for those wonderful people (many of whom I have met & recognize in your dialog above), who have embraced & supported you when you have been without family to help out …. they are “Forever Friends” for sure.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I felt the same way today when I wrote a message to an old friend on Facebook. A “completely-random-just-because” kind of message. I felt grateful to have such a friend. To have friends old and new, and to know that I am loved.

  4. ok this one brought tears….you have a certain way with words. hoping we can squeeze many more special memories into the next few months xx

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