Posted by: dsduffy | July 21, 2012

A beautiful reminder of why I love Melbourne

Yes I’ve been climatized. I’ve complained about how cold it is. How windy it is. How rainy the winter has been. I’ve clenched my teeth while reading Facebook updates of those in the Northern Hemisphere with their pool and beach photos, while wearing jeans, cardigan and woollen socks. I looked at the calendar and counted on my fingers how many weeks til the official first day of Spring (exactly 6!)

But lo! Today, Mother Nature blessed Melbourne with the most gorgeous sun-filled blue skies.I found myself looking to the left more than I usually (out the front window) and just taking in the sights of people running past, cycling by and playing at the beach.

Spending a winter’s day at the beach was just what we needed. It was a little chilly to go barefoot, but it was a great reminder of how much I love Melbourne. I love that one day it is miserable cold and raining. The next, you can be playing at the beach collecting shells.




  1. I find that pretty magical about Melbourne as well – one day you don’t want to leave your house and the next day everything beckons you to go out and enjoy the weather!

  2. Beautiful photos!! A winter’s day at the beach is great to experience! Just think, when your weather warms up, I will be adding on layers as we head into Fall. Enjoy!

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