Posted by: dsduffy | June 24, 2012

Proud mama

I know this sounds ridiculous, but as a mother I am finding it amazing that my boys can do things on their own. I feel like I missed the transition from when they sat on my lap in a Music Together circle singing, or that I don’t have to get into the swimming pool with them at their lessons. They are old enough to ride their own bikes, take piano lessons at school and swim laps of the pool all on their own. It seemed to have just happened with the snap of my fingers.

We have been part of a taekwondo club for a year and a half, where we spend 2 weekday afternoons and one weekend morning. We have formed friendships with the other families and have cheered all the kids on while watching them learn and grow. At the end of each term they have a grading, where the kids have to show what they have learned, and at the end they are presented with the next colour belt. This was our sixth grading and the feelings of pride I had while watching my boys has remained the same as if it was the first time. This was also the first time that the boys went in separate gradings so they also got to see each other perform which was fantastic. Seeing them proud of not only themselves but of each other was so heart-warming.

It’s a cool thing to watch my kids dedicate so much time in Martial Arts. No matter how long they continue on, I know it is having such a positive affect on their lives.

I’m one proud Mama.



  1. Well done to Jake & Cam. It is truly frightening how fast they’re all growing up!

  2. Proud Grammy & Gramps, too! Way to go Jake & Cameron! Love you!

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