Posted by: dsduffy | June 19, 2012

Taking it all in

Insomnia had me awake for nearly three hours last night. I turned over and reached for the all-natural “go to sleep” spray that tastes terrible and squirted it into my mouth four times. Laying back in my comfy spot, I closed my eyes and listened. As much as I complain about the road noise outside of our house that drives me crazy, it was serenely quiet at 2:48am, quiet except for the sound of the waves. Closing my eyes tight, I listened to the sounds of the water crashing along the shoreline, something that is not often heard since it is the bay and not the ocean.

Every few minutes a car would drive by and its whizzing sound didn’t bother me; it added to the symphony that I was hoping would lull me back to sleep. Never say never, but I am pretty sure we won’t be living this close to a bay or ocean anytime in the near future.  so I am trying my hardest to appreciate it and truly enjoy it.

With an uncertain future (isn’t everybody’s though?) I find myself looking around, taking mental notes, smiling to myself, soaking up all that I love about Melbourne.


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