Posted by: dsduffy | May 12, 2012

Being a tourist in your own city

It didn’t strike me as weird until I had snapped at least 25 pictures in New York City. I’m not a New-Yorker the way Carrie Bradshaw is a New-Yorker, but my birth certificate lists “New York” as the place of birth.  I only lived in the State of New York for four years until we moved to New Jersey and then Philadelphia became “my city.”

I had been to NYC many many times in my life but I always felt like a stranger, always following whoever I was with, explaining, “I don’t know my way around this city.” Never had I been to the city on my own, without someone who “knew” the city.
This time around, the idea of taking the boys to NYC by myself didn’t even phase me. Even though I met up with some friends, I was still going there on my own, without a navigator to rely on. I printed out a google map of where I wanted to go, and I just went. We explored. We went right to the top of the Empire State Building, we were tourists. I hailed a taxi. We ducked into a pizza shop and ate our slices, folded and dripping with oil. I was a New Yorker for the day.


  1. Enjoy your time home! 🙂

  2. That’s okay, Danielle. NYC can be a pretty intimidating place, especially for young children who aren’t quite used to a city where the census says a gazillion people live there. But, like ^Jan Alexander says, do enjoy your time there…try to catch a Yankees’ game!

  3. Glad to see you are enjoying your trip back home! One of my favorite memories of you and Craig is when we partied in NYC! So fun!!

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