Posted by: dsduffy | April 11, 2012

A public apology to all Aussies:

I was wrong. I complained time after time, I huffed and I puffed, I judged, I was angry. And all that time, I was wrong.

At my job, I have to talk to people on the phone. I see lists of names on a screen and I call them. Some names are easy ones: Christopher, Jennifer, Michael, Karen. Others are more ethnic and I have to silently practice them in my head. And then there are the names that I thought were easy, but then when the person answers the phone, “Hello, this is xxx speaking,” I am momentarily frozen. They are saying it different from how I would, what do I do?  Do I say, “Hi (pronounce as I would) or (pronounce as they did)?”

For example: I called someone named Carly. Her voicemail sounded like she said “Collie.” So do I say what I think I should say? Or what she said? And this is where my apology comes: I am sorry for being so angry about being called “Dan-knee-elle.” I was wrong, you can say my name however you want to. I just might not answer right away, cause I’m still not used to it.




  1. This made me laugh — I’ve had similar problems being a Canadian in South Africa. I once had a longish conversation with someone who asked if there were any Germans in Canada. Strange question, I thought, but gave a reasonable answer. Turned out he’d actually asked about “gyms” not Germans! Guess my answer was as strange as his question….

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