Posted by: dsduffy | February 26, 2012

The movies? Or just real life.

The soundtrack isn’t playing for everyone to hear, but we hear it. The credits will never roll and the actors won’t be up for any awards, but the movies that are our lives still play on. There are still moments when things turn to slow motion, when things just feel absolutely perfect, or when we cover our eyes, peaking through two fingers to see what happens next. The lighting isn’t always perfect, there are no people helping with hair and makeup, but we all are saying our lines, delivering one-liners that are memorable, while hoping for the happy ending.

There are days, times, moments, and hours that feel like they were scripted just for us. Such perfect times that we wish there was  a record button so we could watch it over and over again and have proof that it really happened that way.

I’m not so sure my memory is always accurate. Sometimes I may obliterate the boring parts, sugar coat the not-so-great parts and amplify the best parts, but we all do that.

I hope that when I am old and at the end of the road that I am able to remember these fantastic moments and really see them for what they were – warm summer days at the beach, the sun setting in the background, my boys digging, planning, building in the sand. I hope that these memories stay with me forever, and I can play then back in my mind just like watching a movie.



  1. What a beautiful way of sequencing words. As I read along, my eyes filled with tears. You write so beautifully. It is my first visit to your site but I will certainly be a loyal follower. Especially that recording the memories and your children playing in the sand… Congratulations. It is a pleasure to read your sentences.

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