Posted by: dsduffy | February 22, 2012

Early observations from a new working mom

Having been at this new job for a week now, I, of course, have some observations.

1. IT people are not chatty.

2. Six hours without kids in tow goes by very slow.

3. Sitting for six hours makes my back hurt.

4. I can come up with quite a long to-do list of things I have to do at home during those six hours.

5. A lot of the shoes I own are squeaky.

6. You can do lots of stretches in a bathroom stall, and it may help avoid #3 from continuing.

7. No matter how many times I say “progress” the Aussie way, it still sounds ridiculous.  (Think Pro rhyming with No, instead of Pra-gress)

8. Being a part-time working mom is a tough gig. I give major props to the ones that are doing it full-time without any help (i.e.: nannies, etc) It is NOT easy.

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