Posted by: dsduffy | February 17, 2012

Oh, I get it now.

Ever since I became a mom, I have been aware of the age-old debate of Stay-at-home-moms vs. Working moms. I get it, we all want to think that we are doing is the right thing. We all want to justify why we have chosen to either stay home with the kids or work (for a paying job we all know that being a mom is a JOB.) I have learned over the years that there is no correct answer, it’s just whatever is right for the individual, and it can change over time.  I never thought about being a working mom, I knew it was out there in my future, but I never really thought about the logistics.

I’m lucky that I was able to stay home for the past seven and a half years, being with my boys and doing all the stay at home mom activities, I am so happy that I did it. But I sometimes would daydream about the other option, while flipping through a Parenting magazine or even Vogue, at those women in gorgeous suits, heels and red lipstick. I had no reason to own a suit or shoes that cost that much. I couldn’t justify buying a laptop bag, where was I going anyway? And the red lipstick? I could get away with it on a night out, but not at the playground.

Here I am, a week into being a “working mom” and it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Yes it will be nice to earn some extra money, and feel like I am contributing to society in some way. But the juggle? The hustling like a mad woman to get to the tram on time to pick up the boys from school? It’s not so glamorous after all. I was almost at a full-on run yesterday in my black wedges, sweating and trying to stop my work bag from hitting my side with every stride. I left the office two minutes past three and missed the tram that I need to make it to the school by 3:30. I know I was only a few minutes late, but I felt terrible about it. I had spent the last thirty minutes busting my ass to get to my kids and I was late.

As I sat on the tram with the fact that I wouldn’t make it in time, I realised that this would be the same thing three days a week -I’d be the crazy woman running for the tram, running down the footpath towards the school gates, trying to make it before the bell.



  1. We have to make this into either a book or a sitcom. I can picture you frantically running through the streets. It’s only the first week. At least you won’t be running through any snow ;0)

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