Posted by: dsduffy | February 13, 2012

This working girl has sore feet

Even though I sat at a desk for 98% of the six hours, my dogs are barking! The lady at the shoe shop suggested that I wear them around for a bit before the Big Day, but did I listen to her? No, of course not. So I am paying for being stubborn with some extremely painful blisters. The job was good, for now I am just doing one task, but soon enough I will get more things to do and it will be more interesting. The people I met were very nice and it is cool to be part of the working world again.

The walk along the river to catch the tram after work was great. It was a nice sunny day and if my feet weren’t almost bleeding it would have been perfect. It took exactly 29 minutes to get from the office to the boy’s school, which is exactly how much time I have to get them when the bell rings.

Yep this is going to be good, as long as I wear more comfortable shoes.



  1. where are you working?

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