Posted by: dsduffy | January 29, 2012

Take them with you

They are often on our minds, sometimes at the forefront and other times in the back. But they are there, those people that have left this earth that meant so much to us.

Standing on the edge of a cliff, literally, he was there with me. He was the only thing on my mind and for those intense moments I was standing on the edge of that cliff for him. Knowing that he will never be able to stand there himself, I stood there. I looked at the most amazing beauty on this Earth, and I looked at it all for him. The bluest water below me, waves crashing on the jagged coastline. I took it all in, looking with all my might, for the two of us.

A tear came to my eye as I watched my little boys play in the sand, digging holes and throwing rocks. Cameron was drawing in the sand and I joined him. I wrote DRC with a heart underneath. It just felt right.

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  1. Dad & I love that you take your brothers memory with you wherever you are.

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