Posted by: dsduffy | January 15, 2012


We all make plans. To meet a friend for lunch, go to a movie with our spouse, to take the car in for service. There are long-term plans as well, where we want to be in ten years, when we will have kids, where we want to live. Before I had kids I always said I wanted to stay home with them until it was time for them to go to school. Being that my kids are two years apart, that gave me roughly seven years to serve as a stay-at-home mom and be as involved as possible in their lives. Well the time seems to have come, quicker than the speed of light I tell you, because in less than three weeks my two boys will be heading off to Primary School. All day. Together. Leaving me at home. Alone.

Yea. So this is the part where I should be polishing up my resume. Scouring the internet for jobs, networking with friends, looking for a J – O – B. BUT I am not. I should be doing these things. Maybe once school actually starts, and I have taken the biggest deep breath, the biggest sigh ever. Then maybe I can sit down and focus on what I want to do with my life. Maybe then.



  1. Do you have a work visa? I got the impression they are not easy to come by?

  2. Lol! We seem to be in the same stage! Time passes way too quickly and these beautiful children grow up too fast!

  3. Good luck with your plans and congratulations on making to the “school-days” stage!

  4. you know my opinion since Liam is in 10th and Kira is in 6th and I don’t “work” outside of home 🙂

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