Posted by: dsduffy | January 10, 2012

Walking in someone else’s shoes

A toddler wears her mother’s heels, clomping around the house.  Sisters fight over the same sweater. The little brother wears his big brother’s hand-me-downs. We start out early wearing other people’s things; dressing up in costume, pretending to be a superhero, a princess, or a policeman. Is it the desire to feel like someone else? To see what it is like to be that person? To be something we are not? We’ve all done it, time and time again. And then we grow up and it doesn’t happen as often. We may still dress up for a Halloween party, or a themed costume party from time to time as adults. Or for our jobs we may have to wear a uniform but that becomes part of who we are, it is not pretending to be someone else.

I often think about how it would be to be someone else, wondering what their life is like. (No, this does not mean I am not content being ME, but of course we all wonder…) And on the other hand, I wonder if others are curious about what it is like to be me, living across the planet in a place that not many people in my “other life” have seen. I try my absolute best, through this blog, to give people an idea of what my life is like in Melbourne, living here as an American expat. I don’t know how good of a job I am doing, but I hope I am able to portray our lives clearly, as I know most of my friends and family won’t be able to see if for themselves.

For the record, our day-to-day lives are pretty normal. I had a friend that moved to Dubai for a few years with her family and I was amazed, I wondered what it was like for her. Not that Australia is the same as Dubai, but I can imagine she created a regular life for herself and her family, making things feel as close to “normal” as possible, even though she was living in such a different place.

I’m so thankful for the many modes of communication that are available to us in this day and age. With a click of a button I can be FaceTiming with my sister, or my kids can log in to XBox Live and play NBA basketball with their cousins who are 10,000+ miles away. Emails, Facebook and the good old-fashioned telephone are all ways to keep people in our daily lives, so they don’t had to wonder what it’s like to walk in our shoes.


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  2. We need to connect soon on one of those “modes of communication” that we have available! Too long since we spoken …. miss you all!!!

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