Posted by: dsduffy | January 9, 2012

Camping: a sensory experience

Each morning while lying in the tent, my ears were filled with foreign sounds. Birds, other campers, rain. Being away from the sounds of the busy street right out front of my house was such a delight. I didn’t miss the concrete, the buildings, the screeching tram turning the corner down the block. The early morning ducks flying overhead and the laughing kookaburras, I felt like they were laughing just for me.

The freedom my boys had: being able to hop on their bikes and ride down to the playground all by themselves. There is no way they could do that where we live, there are too many busy streets to navigate. The nature they experienced: building dams in the river, climbing trees, looking for fish.

Stepping out of our element, even just for four days, has completely re-energised our family. I could see all our shoulders relaxed. I didn’t feel compelled to always be doing something. My kids could just play, making up games, creating their own world. Being with other families, all working together make it all that much easier. If we didn’t have something, it was likely someone else did.

Yes we all got dirty, we stayed up later than usual and ate not-so-healthy food, but we were together and had fun. We worked together as a family and created memories for our children.

There is much more to camping than just sleeping in a tent in the middle of the bush. It is being away from the comforts of home and living simpler. It is about being together and having fun.



  1. I can’t remember … the “bush” is further in than the “outback” … is that right? Sounds like you had a fantastic time!

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