Posted by: dsduffy | December 31, 2011

Time flying

It must be the #1 sentence spoken by parents of young children. “Time goes by so fast!” and  “I wish I could hit the ‘pause’ button sometimes.” We’ve all said it, thought, wished it. We stare at our kids faces, trying to turn what we see into a permanent vision in our brains for years to come. But then our kids faces change, and the visions in our heads become fuzzy. So we resort to looking at photos. And again, we all react the same:  “Look how small you were! You’re so cute! And, what was up with my hair?!”

Time has been going by at the exact same speed since, well, the beginning of time. But when we are at different stages of our lives, it just seems to go faster, or slower.

My aim in the next year is to focus on the present time. Not so much about the future, because the present is where I am right now, and I don’t want to miss it.

Happy New Year!



  1. I wish I had video taped more and written down the cute things they say and did. At that moment it seemed like normal life that is frozen in time but really life is fleeting and memories fade. I have suggested to younger nieces to keep a journal about their kids. It would be the best gift they could receive. But I recently read the idea of just quickly jotting down one line in a book each day about something they did or said. Writing more is optional. We get busy when our kids are young and it is easy to procrastinate or get distracted. But one line a day is doable. I liked that idea.

    My youngest of 15 showed me a home video of when my kids were quite young. Her older sister had just started dancing. It seems like just yesterday. I had forgotten what they were like when that age. It was strange seeing my older daughter with a little kid voice and acting like a child since now she is taller than me and so mature. All grown up with a job. And of course in the video my youngest was just coming out of babyhood and very sweet. Big eyes and singing in her crib. What a precious time!!!

  2. I feel the same way- That’s why I’m going to attempt a photo-a-day project at
    Happy New year!

  3. i’ll try and do the same. happy new year. x

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