Posted by: dsduffy | December 29, 2011

The thumb saga

Well the good news is that my boy’s left thumb will heal on its own. No surgery needed. THANK g-d! Our experience at the Royal Children’s Hospital was very positive, besides waiting for an hour for our appointment, but I guess that is just normal. A brand new hospital was just built and it is quite amazing. There is a massive fish tank, meerkats (yes, real meerkats!) many artsy things, sculptures, and indoor and outdoor play areas. It  was designed with families in mind, complete with an ice cream shop!

After speaking with the plastic surgeon and getting another scan, it was confirmed that his bone will heal on its own. We just have to keep the splint on it, keep him from bending it, and try our best to keep him off his bike and scooter (that’s going to be hard!) We go back in three weeks for a follow-up.


  1. Someone is always watching over our Jake. He is a very lucky boy. Glad it is all working out for the best.

  2. Total sigh of relief!! 🙂
    Love you Jake!

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