Posted by: dsduffy | December 21, 2011

Another trip to the hospital

Today was meant to be a day for me and Jake to spend together, since it is the only day he is out of school and Cameron is still in. We were going to go to the market, have a nice lunch, hit a playground, just hang out. Well, we did get to hang out, allright. But spending all day at the hospital wasn’t how I planned it.

It never is though. Driving Cameron to school, I parked on a street I never park on, it seemed emptier than usual and there were plenty of spaces close to the gate. I noticed one of Cameron’s friends across the street and figured it would be nice to walk in with him and his family. I got out of the car and heard the blood curdling scream from Jake. I ran around to the other side of the car to find him crouched down holding his left hand, screaming in dire pain. I asked him what happened, in between screams I heard the word “door.” I tried to get him to show me the injury, he wouldn’t let me and we crab crawled over to the curb. At this point, Jake had let me have a peak and I saw blood and a shaking little hand. I remembered Cameron’s friend was across the street and yelled to the dad to come over and help.

He ran over with his oldest daughter to assess the situation. The daughter helped Cameron, making sure he had his school bag and kept him out of the way. I only had a few tissues so we wrapped his thumb up and the dad suggested I take him into the school to the front office to see if they had a bandage or some ice. I was so thankful to have his help, he threw my car keys in my pocketbook and closed my car door for me. I would have left them in the ignition and the door wide open otherwise.

Off we went to the office, I said a quick goodbye to Cameron and made our way inside. The nurse isn’t on duty until after lunchtime so the front office woman just had a look and gave us a band-aid and an ice pack.

On our way back to the car, Jake was still crying, in a way that I knew it was more than just a bruise and a cut. I made the decision to take him to the hospital. I stopped home quick for some snacks and the very important “night-night” (blanket) and made our way to the hospital.

After a very long time waiting, the x-ray showed a break on the tip, and the ER doctor suggested we go see a plastic surgeon to make sure the bones are not shattered. If it doesn’t heal properly, it could end up being deformed – we don’t want that! So our next step will be to see the plastic surgeon in a few days. (Isn’t Christmas in a few days?)

I’m trying not to kick myself for not just walking Cameron to school today.



  1. Poor little, Jakey! At least it’s his left hand! Interesting that they suggested you go to a plastic surgeon rather than an orthopedic/hand doctor. Please tell Jake that Grammy & Gramps are sending lots of hugs & kisses! Love to all!

  2. I am cringing. That sounds like it would hurt!! Hope the throbbing goes away soon. Poor little guy

  3. Hope he’s okay! So glad someone was there to offer help when you needed it.

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