Posted by: dsduffy | December 19, 2011

The strangest week

There are so many things going on that I can’t comprehend them all.

School: Jake is finishing Kinder (pre-school) and will officially be a Preppie, starting school in Feb. Cameron is finishing Grade 1 and will be moving onto Grade 2 starting in Feb. Both boys will be in the same school together for the first time ever.

Holidays: Hanukkah begins Tuesday night, something we haven’t done properly since moving here. I stupidly didn’t take my grandmother’s menorah along with us when we moved here so we didn’t celebrate the first year we were here (2008.) The next two years we travelled back to the States and just ignored the holiday altogether. This year? I went and bought a menorah and have been discussing the holiday with the boys, they are psyched to be getting presents, I am looking forward to trying to remember the prayer.

Christmas then follows, where we will spend the 24th at our friend’s house eating and celebrating. The weather is meant to be 30 (86f) which is just so strange for Christmas! But we will enjoy every moment of it. 

Seasons: Summer is here. Summer to me as a kid meant going to summer camp. Unfortunately for my kids, that is not an option here, or at least not that I know of. Most Aussies travel over the summer, spending time overseas, or at their holiday houses at the beach. We plan to just hang out at the beach, do some day trips, and have a 4 day camping adventure.

Not knowing our future (where we will be and when) this could be our last summer here, so I am going to enjoy it like it is. But then again, isn’t that how we should all be? Living every day like it could be our last? Nobody knows their fate, even though they think they do, they just don’t. I’m accepting this fact and just living for today.



  1. Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas! Enjoy! We’ll miss you being with us! Love to all!

  2. I always think about that (“Living each day like its our last….”) but never know what to do when my tank runs dry and I slow down…..I guess we have to enjoy during those slow moments as well….

    I love your blog….I love that your boys are growing up (so fast!)

    Many hugs, M!

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