Posted by: dsduffy | November 29, 2011


Way back in 1985 I had a “boyfriend” who called me fickle. I had no idea what that word meant, and he called me that for a few days, before ultimately dumping me and breaking my heart. (OK, it wasn’t really that dramatic, but I was eleven and it felt like the worst thing ever.) I don’t remember much about our time together, which probably lasted all of 3 weeks, but I know there was some roller skating, sweaty hand holding and the word fickle.

To this day, whenever I hear the word I think of this specific boy (who is now a man, wherever he may be!) I now know what it means and feel like that is the perfect way to describe Melbourne weather.
For example – today was a top of 33c (91f) and tomorrow is supposed to only get up to 20c (68f)! Such a drastic difference overnight seems crazy to me. Today we were sweating, slathering up with sunscreen and tomorrow I will probably wear jeans and be cold.

I know I talk about the weather a lot on here. It must be annoying (sorry!) but I find that everywhere I go, people are talking about the weather. Either it’s too warm and we complain while sweating, or it’s too cold and we complain while shivering. We just talk about it. 

Melbourne you’re such a fickle girl,  just like I was back in ’85.


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