Posted by: dsduffy | November 28, 2011

There, on the fridge

Every morning, I see their faces. Sometimes I linger longer, looking at one face more than another. I smile, and think of how much I love them. Other times, I see them but don’t actually look. I know they are there, smiling back at me from the fridge before I open the door and reach for the milk.

I know that their faces have changed, new lines formed, their hair grew longer, or their colorist changed brands and the blond is a different blond. The younger ones change the most, some growing into young men, another into a little lady. But the smiles are the same. Their eyes are the same. It’s such a comfort to see them like that every morning, held up by a butterfly magnet, on my fridge.



  1. Oh boy… You got me with this one ;0)

  2. Right back at ya! You have seen my fridge and how your faces are displayed on the most popular place in the house. It is our “family bulletin board” where we love to see your smiling faces. Love you all 🙂

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