Posted by: dsduffy | November 27, 2011

What is it with Bed, Bath & Beyond?

To this date, it is still the #6 search term that brings people to my blog. I wrote about it back in May 2010 saying that I missed the place, and how convenient it would be to be able to purchase items such as a baking pan, hand towels and an aerobed. I honestly have not found one store here that has all of those items. Maybe Spotlight, but ugh I’m not a fan of that place. It just seems to be missing something. Anyway,  variations of the search terms “Bed Bath and Beyond Australia” has directed readers to my blog 207 times since May 2010. That is just insane to me. So it’s not just me that misses that place, and feels that there should be one here.




  1. I was just at my BB&B yesterday. It is really a great store and you can use a 20% discount on an unlimited amount of items you are purchasing. It’s just a great place to shop. They have so many interesting items to choose from and always well stocked. I can understand your missing BB&B. Maybe we can get them to do “free Shipping” from the US to AU… No, probably not, but we can dream.

  2. I have lived in Brisbane for 1.5 years. I miss BB&B, A true Target (not the same here), World Market and Trader Joe’s. So hard without them. *Sigh*. Maybe someday they will expand here.

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