Posted by: dsduffy | November 27, 2011

Of course it rained

Earlier in the week the forecast called for 25 and sunny. As the week went on, it changed to cloudy, areas of rain, and finally to rain and thunderstorms all damn day. We didn’t let it get us down, the fete organisers. We just forged ahead and spouted out positive comments like “Well, it’s Melbourne, the weather can change so quick, it’ll be fine!” and “it says early showers, so I’m sure it’ll be dry by the arvo.” Along with, “It wouldn’t be a Middle Park Fete without a bit of rain!” So, we continued planning and tying up any loose ends.

Saturday morning came and I arrived at the school grounds by 7:30am to meet the guy delivering the skip (dumpster.) It was lightly raining, not really umbrella worthy, but I had my wellies and raincoat on. The light rain continued then changing to heavier rain by mid-morning. After a bit of setting up, I was driven home by a friend for a quick change of clothes and a mid-morning snack.

On my walk back to school by noon, it was raining heavily. We greeted each other with, “the clouds are emptying out now, it’ll be fine by 3!” along with a smile, but knowing in the back of our minds that the rain might continue throughout the day and night.

The rides were being erected, wood fire pizza oven lit and most importantly, the marquees were going up. Puddles were turning into small rivers, and I was thankful for keeping my wellies on, my feet were still warm and dry. Things were coming together and the school yard was slowly but surely turned into a wonderland of fun. The big slide, cyclone, chair-o-plane and ferris wheel were in place, the Petting Zoo animals had arrived and the food tents were nearing completion. We had a break in the rain for maybe an hour before everyone was due to arrive, which gave us a false sense of hope. This was going to be the driest we would be for the rest of the day.

As 3pm rolled around, it was raining again and the fete was in full force. I’d go from marquee to marquee trying to keep dry, but it was no use. I just had to go with it. People were there, the music was playing, kids were lining up for rides, all was going well. The community really turned out to show their support and we were so thankful.

It was such a sight to see kids walk by, barefoot  in their soaked clothes, hair dripping wet, but with smiles on their faces. They didn’t let the rain affect their time. At one point I was walking out of a building against a sea of people walking in seeking shelter, it was pouring out!

All in all, it was a great day. A WET one, but still great. We didn’t raise as much money as we had hoped, but given the weather we raised quite a bit. At the end of the day, as I peeled off my soaking wet jeans, I was thankful for those Hunter boots because my feet were still warm and dry.


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